Mid Pregnancy Class

Last night Bryan and I went down to Kaiser for a mid pregnancy class.    We were the only ones in class not finding out the sex of the baby.  The teacher was great and I learned that my pregnancy is very normal.  They stressed on being healthy during this time.  I don’t think I necessary learned anything new, but it was still worth going to.   The teacher put a lot of emphasis on doing kegels, that was funny.  Everyone in the class was blushing.  There was also emphasis on not eating fast food.  I guess it is good I have cut down on my McDonald’s addiction.  There was also talk of breast feeding and finding the right car seat.  I knew car seat were important, but had no idea how intense it can be to find the right one and installing it correctly.  Next week, the child birth classes start!  I am excited about those.

Since I don’t have any pictures from the class to show you.  I will show you some kitties from the place I volunteer at.  They found 4 kittens and were able to catch them and the mother to socialize to they can be adopted like sweet Ben.


Baby Kitties!

Tiny Momma Kitty


One thought on “Mid Pregnancy Class

  1. Breast feeding isn’t easy–especially getting started. The baby starts out on a what is essentially a starvation diet until it can learn to stimulate your milk production. The baby may loose around 10% of it’s birth weight before it gains weight. The docs we encountered in GA don’t push and encourage mothers to stick with it. From what I am told by a friend studying public health policy, GA’s SIDS numbers were too high, so docs here are scared of the weight loss.

    My Swedish neighbors tell me babies are more likely to latch the very moment they are born, even before the cord is cut. The routine the babies go through after being born (over there under the “french fry lamp”) distracts the baby from it’s initial suckling impulse. At least, that is how they explain why American women find they much teach the babies to nurse, while other developed countries have less trouble.

    If you plan to nurse, drop my wife a line on FB. She can tell you what she learned from her experience.

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