Dreams Do Come True

A few weeks ago, Living Social had a great deal on US Weekly, my favorite gossip magazine. It has been a dream of mine to have a subscription and I finally pulled the trigger.  My first issue came in the mail yesterday, a few weeks earlier than I was expecting (I hope that doesn’t happen with Peanut).  I am saving it for the train ride tomorrow!

We also got a nice new rug from Macys on MEGA clearance which I am sitting on.  Kudzu approves.

We had a nice weekend.  Friday night Bryan took me on a date to a restaurant overlooking the Pacific.

What a nice view!

On the pregnancy front, every thing is moving along.  I feel good and have been sleeping better since I got my prego pillow.  I can almost sleep through the night.  I have my next appointment on Friday.  I am getting the glucose test done, along with my thyroid tested.


5 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True

  1. Your rotten cat has been scratching on the rug some more. Your other cat got his paw stuck in the tape trap last night and it nearly scared him to death. I haven’t seen him that scared since he fell between the bed & wall that night.

  2. Love the rug! You look so cute prego!!!! You and B are going to be such great parental units! I love and miss you both!

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