I always imagine having long beautiful hair, but that is just not me!  I think I look better with shorter hair.  I got a new do over the weekend – a fresh cut, color and highlights.   I am hoping the highlights extend my color some and blend the greys a bit better than an all over color.

Here is before, during, and after!



Orange Beach 2016

Hello!  We just got back from an incredible vacation to Orange Beach, Alabama.  We all had the best time.  Our family shared a condo with my older sister and her family.  The kids got along great.  We had a few boat rides, enjoyed the beach, ate some great food.  I don’t think Callan quit smiling the entire trip.


Final Day of Whole 30

I am sitting here at my desk about to go grab some boiled eggs.  This is what my breakfast has been for most of the last 30 days.  I have perfected the art of a boiled egg.  It is our 30th day of the Whole 30 program.  We are both glad we did it for a few reasons, some of them are different for each of us.

We are both very proud of ourselves for sticking to something so long!  When I first learned about the program, I thought there was no way I could do this for 2 days, much less 30.  Then, I read something that said this isn’t hard, beating cancer is hard, having a baby is hard.  I thought well I have had 2 babies (natural birth, no drugs, yes I am bragging) and it wasn’t that hard.  Bryan read a book on creating habits which gave him the extra motivation he needed.

We both realized how much of our day to day lives involved around food.  Both of us work in an office where there is constantly food available.  It is so easy to just grab a bagel or muffin.  Now,  I don’t even go look at what is available.

Sugar is in everything!  EVERYTHING!  read your labels if you want to cut back your sugar in take.  Who would have thought garlic salt has sugar in it.

Cookies, cakes, and other sweets should be a special treat and not a daily occurrence!

When you fuel your body with the right food, you feel good!  I have been sleeping better, except when I dream of cookies.  I also wake up refreshed and ready to play with my boys.

Clothes feel better when they fit!  I feel better now that I am not bloated after every meal.

Tomorrow is our first day off the program and we will be flying to Alabama for the week, hopefully, we don’t undo what we have done this past month.

And because pictures of babies are better than pictures of food…