Weekend Report

Hello and Happy Monday!  Hope you had a nice weekend!  We had a pretty low-key weekend and Callan was running a fever and low on energy.  We want to make sure he is better before we head to Alabama on Thursday.  We did manage to take a nice walk and watch a few movies.  All 4 of us are packed for our big trip!   This is actually a huge accomplishment since we normally wait until the last minute and I have been known to pack for all 4 of us!

Here are a few pictures for ya!

Today is Sports day at preschool, so Callan is wearing his all time favorite outfit!


This one sure does love Kud!



Whole 30 and Coffee

Today we are on day 24 of 30!  Yay for us!  I have a cup of coffee every morning which I think gets my sugar intake off on a bad start (pre-whole 30).  I add half/half or milk with sugar to my coffee.  I had switched to Agave since I had bought a lot at Costco and needed to use it up.  When we started whole 30, one of my main concerns was my caffeine intake!  I didn’t want to have a daily headache.  Many people recommend coconut or almond milk.  Neither of these options did it for me.

After researching, I found nutpods!   These are great!  While I have cut back on my coffee intake, nutpods are perfectly flavored and creamy.  I wasn’t able to find these in a store close by, so ordered from Amazon.  If you are looking for a dairy and sugar-free alternative to coffee, give nutpods a try!  Click here to orders your today!