No More Pacifier

It has been about 2 months since we have had no pacifiers, or as we call them – mu’s.  We aren’t sure why Callan called it a mu but it worked out since Bryan and I couldn’t agree on what to call it.  I call them paci’s and he calls it a binkie.  Callan won and we all called it a mu. 

It was an easy transition to no pacifier.  In May, the two Grandma’s got him to only use it when he was in his bed.  He knew to leave it in bed when he got out. 

Then one morning he dropped the mu he was using in the potty.  Oops!  That one was no longer able to be used.  A few days later, he decided to flush another one and that was that!  No more pacifier.  We haven’t looked back!

Now if only potty training would be so easy…..


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