Weekly Meal Planning #1

I find that if I take a few minutes to plan out my meal plan for the week, I am more successful at eating healthy and cooking.  When I get home, I am limited with time to cook, so I like to take an hour or so on the weekend to do a bit of prep as well.  This is a great week to get started again since our fridge is completely empty.

Here are some ideas for this coming week.

Crock-pot Lasagna – I have never made this but love lasagna and crock-pot cooking.  This is the recipe I am planning to use.

Chicken Enchiladas – I was going through my cabinets today and found a ton of enchilada sauce.  Enchiladas are so so good and so easy.  It will be even easier if I grab a rotisserie chicken on my Costco run tomorrow.  No real recipe needed!

Chicken Romano w/ Lemon Butter Sauce – Amazing!  I have made this a few times now and is amazing.  It is restaurant quality and doesn’t take much time.  I use my electric skillet instead of finishing off in the oven.

Salmon – Not sure how I plan to cook this yet.  Any suggestions?

That will do for dinner.  I will be seeing a movie on Tuesday, so the boys are on their own.

For breakfast, I am going to make Baked Breakfast Cookies and overnight oats.  I need to get in a better habit of eating breakfast.

What is your go-to easy dinner to make? 


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