Customer Service

I think most people would agree that good customer service is key.  In the past week I have had some horrible experiences with customer service at places I would expect the complete opposite.

First up – the gym!  I recently joined the gym again and have been going on a regular basis.  I went Friday night and the front desk @@@hole said “Congratulations!  How far along are you?  I have been ultra-sensitive lately and immediately started crying and called him names.  I continued to hold my head up high and went to the bike.  He came over and started apologizing and wouldn’t leave.  This just made things worse.  Off all places, this should not happen at the gym.  I slept on it and called a few days later to complain.  I got two months of membership for free.

Second – Macy’s!  Macy’s is probably my favorite store in Hillsdale Mall.  Callan and I went to pick Bryan out a watch for the big 3-5.  We waited for 30 minutes before getting help and then they couldn’t find the key.  Another 15 minutes and we were finally able to see the watch I liked.  I ended up getting an additional 20% off the sale price without even asking!  Thank you, Steve from Macy’s.


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