Going Back to an Old Classic

I love makeup.  I don’t always wear it, but I do love it.  I get drawn into the pretty colors and the marketing gimmicks.  I never stick with one brand, maybe I have a fear of commitment.  More than a few years ago, I was pretty committed to Bobbi Brown.  I love that she focuses on classic looks that aren’t to overdone.  I even have the entire brush collection.

I saw last week that they were having 20% off and free shipping, so of course I got some goodies.  So far, I am glad I did!

This is what I picked up:E75K_lSPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer (light to medium)


Creamy Concealer Kit (Warm Beige)


Creamy Lip Color (Rose Petal)

I used the option to talk to an artist when choosing the colors and very pleased with the results.  You upload a picture and they tell you what colors would look good on you.

What is your favorite brand and product?


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