Amazing Race- CBSi

Yesterday was our Holiday party at work.  While I missed the party, I did not miss the scavenger hunt throughout the neighborhood where our office is.  We started at 1pm and the first mission was for everyone on your team to make a paper airplane and fly it into a waste basket.  My plane didn’t fly, so my buddy Eddie made one for me!  Once we all made the target we got the clues.  There were ten clues with locations around and in the office.

IMG_1644 IMG_1643 IMG_1642

The winning team got an awesome prize, unfortunately it wasn’t Team Boondock Santas.  We did have some great bonding time at Uniqlo though.


Watch out, next year the Boondock Santas will be ready to dominate.


One thought on “Amazing Race- CBSi

  1. We definitely should have taken a group picture in front of Uniqlo, that’s worth at least 100 mins off our finish time. Plus with all the stuffs we bought…

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