Our Thanksgiving Road Trip

This year for Thanksgiving we decided to do something a bit different.  We packed up Thursday morning and drove North.  The three of us went on an adventure up the Pacific Coast.   Our first stop was the Mendocino coast line.  Let me tell ya it was beautiful.

We spent some time window shopping while looking for a place to eat Thanksgiving dinner but didn’t have any luck finding a restaurant in Mendo, so we headed to Fort Bragg.  Fort Bragg is where we spent the night and found a great restaurant to have turkey and seafood.

We woke up early Friday and got on the road.  We drove up Highway 1.  There were breathtaking sites on each side.  On the right were giant Redwood trees and on the left was the ocean.  To our surprise we stumbled upon the drive through tree so we had to stop!

It was awesome and such a fun surprise.  After our stop, we headed further north to Medford, Oregon.  This is where we spent the night.

Callan was ready to be out of the car so he could play!  We got a pizza from Costco and planned the next day.  Harry & David is based in Medford and unfortunately was not open for tours on Saturday.  We were able to stop by their store so we could get some Moose Munch for the drive home.

Before heading home, we stopped at Jacksonville, Oregon.  This was described as Napa meets Mayberry. It was a cute little town full of fun shops.  Look at this cute piece of furniture I had a hard time passing up!

It was a great trip and a memorable Thanksgiving.

We saw lots of animals on out trip….turkeys, seals, deer, and a herd of wild elk!




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