A look back

I thought now that I am done pumping and we don’t have cable, I would have more time to blog.  I somehow have less time than ever!  I have been completely done with breast feeding since last Sunday.  When I turned the pump off for the last time, I had mixed feelings.  I felt very different than I thought I would.

Most people know, I never wanted to breast feed.  I thought it was weird and had no desire to do it.  I told Bryan that I would give it a try and I would pump.  Then I got pregnant and we went to the breast feeding class.  This was the only class we went to that I found useful, because even though breast feeding is natural, it is VERY difficult.  Once I decided to nurse, I said OK, but I am gong to be done before I go back to work.  Then I kept going until my body told me it was time to stop.  I was able to breast feed/pump exclusively until Callan was 7 months old.  I then supplemented with one bottle of formula a day.  I thought I had a decent size stash in the freezer, but that really went fast.

I was lucky enough not to have any issues, sure it was  painful for a few weeks.  I didn’t have supply issues.  I never got a blocked duct or any of the other horror stories I have heard.  One reason I kept going was because I felt guguilty since I didn’t have any issues.

I returned to work when Callan was 4 months old.  I started out pumping twice a day.  It was time consuming and a pain.  It was nice though that it gave me 30 minutes during the day to catch up on blogs.

Now my pump is packed away and I am glad I kept with it as long as I did.  I know I did what was best for my baby and I am thankful I was able to provide for him. This is what made him so healthy and strong.


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