Farewell Caltrain

Caltrain and I have a love hate relationship.  I love that it has made it very easy for me to get to and from work.  I love that I have met some great friends on Caltrain (Hey Henri!  Hey Jill!  Hey Mary!).  I love that it gave me time to wind down before getting home.  I hate that at times it was late.  I hate that I had to go by the schedule.  Caltrain has been great for the past 5 years.  It was great not driving to work.  This relationship has run its course. Yesterday was my last day riding Caltrain.  In true form, I missed my train by less than a minute and had to wait about 30 minutes to catch the next one.  Since Callan is at daycare, it will be easier for me to drive.  I will be able to leave early enough to get a good parking space and leave early enough to beat the traffic.  It will also give me peace of mind in case I need to get to daycare during the day.  Cost will be about the same since the train tickets seems to increase every other month.


Caltrain, I will miss you!


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