Fun with Friends

We are now a Hand, Foot, and Mouth free household.  I got it just as Callan was getting over it, but we are all better now!  Luckily neither of us had it too bad and had no sores in our mouth.  We took advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend and headed to Half Moon Bay on Saturday.  We walked around Main Street to do a little window shopping.  We ducked into the Half Moon Bay feed shop so Callan could see the baby animals.  He loved the chicks.

Saturday night, we had dinner at our friends’ house.  We always have a great time with the Martinez Familia.  They are so welcoming and Giovanna is a great cook!  We have spent a lot of holidays with them and it always feels like home.  The kiddos had some serious conversations.  Olivia tried her hardest to free Callan from the stroller.  Buzz Lightyear oversaw the conversation. 

Sunday was time to see more friends!  We met up with Peyton.  Her initials are PEA, so her nickname is Sweet Pea and she is a sweetie.  She is one of the babies from my mother’s group and is 2 weeks younger than Callan.  Last time they saw each other, he decided to chew on Peyton’s feet.

It is so much fun to see Callan with other babies.  It reassures me that he is having a great time at daycare.

This is going to to be a hot week!  When I got home the thermostat said 82 degrees!  Luckily, it is cooling off fast and there is a slight breeze.

Fitness Update: I barely made it to the gym twice last week!  I went Sunday and Saturday.  I am hoping to make it twice again this week.  I also did pretty good about eating healthy. 


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