Gym Membership

I decided that 6 months is long enough to use the excuse “I just had a baby”.  I have 8 more pounds to lose before I am at my pre-baby weight.  I thought I would be at my wedding weight by now with all the lies out there about breast feeding.  Maybe they aren’t lies, maybe I do eat more now and have more cravings for sweets.  I thought from what people told me the  pounds would just melt away.Don’t get me wrong, I am glad I am breastfeeding and do think it has been good for Callan and me.

This picture has nothing to do with the blog, but posts with pictures are better and I like this picture. 

Today was the day to get back in shape.  I joined Crunch.  My goal is to go at least twice a week.  I am hoping I will make it more than that, but need to be realistic.  I want to see how the week goes with Bryan and I both being at work and Callan at daycare.  Once I get used to this schedule, maybe I will be able to go more.  We are also going to be eating better.  I want us to set a good example to Callan to be active and health.  Ready, Set, Go!

What are you favorite exercises?  I am looking forward to the Zumba classes.  What motivates you?


One thought on “Gym Membership

  1. I do not belong to a gym. So I have to be dedicated to the fitness lifestyle. Some times it is easier said than done. One thing I have noticed that helps tremendously, is to take action when the ‘thought’ arises. For instance, If I ‘feel ‘ like jogging, I go a head and get it done. When I have a notion and it is a healthy one, I do my best to act on it with in 5 seconds. If I wait passed that, something always gets in the way. I also replace meals with Protein shakes {I use the Visalus Weight management Shakes} One of the many benefits of this is I am never Super full and I can act on those urges to get out and move much easier than if I had just eaten a regular meal. I love Yoga, and find that if I get some yoga in as soon as I wake up, I feel lighter and stronger all day. Another motivator, is to blog it, just like you are doing. It helps keep me accountable and I also get to meet other people in various stages of a fitter lifestyle.

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