Best Invention Ever

I am not going to lie. My pre-pregnancy jeans are still a bit snug. It was fine when I lived in my yoga pants, but now that I am back to work that isn’t really possible. Last week I went to an event with the Burlingame Mother’s club. It was a provate blue jean sale at a local bar. I had the stylists pull 3 pair of jeans for me to try on. I had no intention of buying any since I scored a pair of AG Adriano Goldschmied for only $37!! They were regular $200 and fit like a glove. Now I won’t have to undo my pants as soon as I get to my desk. Anyway, none of the jeans the stylists ( I use that term lightly) fit. It was horribly depressing. I decided to sip my glass of wine and leave. While I was walking out the door, I came across Adjust-A-Button… AKA Best Invention Ever!!

This is a movable pin like button that gives you that extra room you need! I was sold. I left with my Adjust-A-Button and didn’t look back. This has already come in handy a few time. It comes in a pack of two, I think I will leave one in my purse for when I eat too much.

Have a good night!


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