Callan has always been a good sleeper, thank goodness.  There have only a handful of nights that we were up every other hour.  When he does wake up, he eats and 99% of the time goes right back to sleep.  Every once in a while he wants to party!  When this happens he goes into the swing, which he loves.  I have never tried a schedule or sleep training.  On Saturday he woke up when I laid him down and I told Bryan I was going to give it 10 minutes before going in to get him.  I made it 3 minutes!  I am a softy when it comes to him crying.  It really breaks my heart!  This past week he has been taking about 3 30 minute naps during the day.  I don’t mind the short naps, because he is sleeping 7 hour stretches at night!!!  I am really hoping this phase lasts since I am going back to work. 





















For mothers out there…How did you sleep train?  My plan was to wait until he starts daycare.  That way he will be on their nap schedule.


One thought on “Sleep!

  1. We don’t sleep train because I don’t believe in cry-it-out. What I do believe in is a consistent bedtime routine to transistion them for sleep. Ours is so consistent that Luke strips off his clothes as soon as he finishes supper and tells me, “Tub!” I still nurse him to sleep most nights, and on nights that he doesn’t nurse, I just cuddle him. I also still lay with Ella if she hasn’t already fallen asleep by the time Luke is asleep. I just decided a long time ago that I love that bedtime cuddling, and I’ll keep doing it with both of them as long as they’ll let me. As for middle of the night – I try to get to them as soon as they cry out, meet the need, and get them back to sleep with minimal talking and without turning on the lights. The older they get, the easier it gets just because they are developmentally more ready for going to sleep and staying asleep with less help.

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