Fashion Star

I had a horrible headache last night.  It could have been from the weather, but more likely from the horrible TV I was watching.  I started out watching Dance Moms.  While I like this show, Bryan was watching with me and I didn’t want him to go read, so I changed it to Fashion Star.  I liked this for about 30 minutes.  The cool thing about this show is you can buy the designs after the show.  I liked the skirt that Saks bought, but of course it is out of my budget.  $350!  Really?



I also liked the dress H&M bought.  It is selling for only $20 and sold out online in 20 minutes.  I may head over to the mall today to see if they have it.  I really love this color.



I didn’t really like the mentors.  I love Jessica Simpson from back in the day, but I really didn’t like her last night.  I also wasn’t impressed with Nicole Richie.  I thought she looked like she may be back on drugs.  I am a fan of Elle MacPherson.  This is simply because I like her nursing bras, which I have lived for the past 15 weeks!

Anyway, back to the headache…I think Callan knew I wasn’t feeling great and needed a full night sleep.  On top of the headache, I started antibiotics yesterday for a kidney infection.  BOO!  He went to bed just before 10 PM, and didn’t make a sound until 5AM!  It was wonderful!  He stayed awake until 6AM and fell back asleep and is still sleeping!  It is 8:30AM and I have already done the dishes from last night, showered, and had breakfast!!  We are headed down to Palo Alto for lunch today, hopefully this rain will stop soon.  Have a good day!


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