Random thoughts of the week

1.  Callan loves the Dr.  We went on Friday because there was some spit up in his blood.  Being a paranoid new mother, I took him in.  He is fine, it is from his cold a few weeks ago.  There were some broken blood vessels from his coughing that have just now worked their way out.

He has doubled his birth weight!   I guess I grow them big!  Callan smiled for everyone except the Dr.  The Doc wanted to see a social smile since this is developmentally important .  Well, I take that back, he gave him one smile at the end of the appointment.

2.  Reading hour at The Reading Bug is San Carlos is so cute!  We went with some other mothers from the Kaiser group.  Callan really enjoyed it.  It lasts about 30 minutes and the leader of the group sings several songs and reads several books.

3,  Smocked Magnolias on Facebook has really cute boutique baby clothes at great prices!  This is what got Callan. If you buy something from these great ladies, be sure to tell them I sent you.  First time customers get 20% off!!

Not only do they have great prices, bit monogram for FREE and ship really fast.  I got this 2 days after I ordered it.  Another perk is they are based in Alabama.  🙂

4.  Callan is the coolest baby I know.  This pic says it all.

I am off to bed!  I am a bit under the weather and trying to beat this thing before it gets to bad.  Have  a great week!


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