Baby Sign Language

This morning Callan and I went to a Baby Sign Language class held at Kaiser.  Baby Sign Language has become very popular and “they” recommend you start with your child at 6 months.  The instructor was from Blue Sky.  He was very entertaining and I left knowing a few words and one song.  I am not sure yet if we will use this, but it was nice to learn what it is all about.  Some benefits are:

-Accelerated language

-Able to understand your child and lowering the babies level of frustration

-Utilize more diverse areas of the brain for communication

-Decrease aggressive behavior in school aged children

-Builds bridge in bilingual families

I felt like this class was beneficial, but was a way for Blue Sky to sell you on the series of classes.

What are your thoughts on Baby Sign Language?

The weather is beautiful today so after the class we went for a walk.  Bryan is golfing in San Jose.  I don’t think he could have picked a nicer day to be outside.

I have been finding some cute things for Callan lately.  One of them is a Bitsy bag.  It is a wearable blanket.  It hasn’t been cold and Callan is a battery so we haven’t used it too much.  When I have used it I really like it.  The Bitsy bag prevents the blanket from going over the face.  Callan looks really cute in it.  🙂  This was designed by a mom and I love supporting small mother owned businesses. I think this would make a great shower gift!

In the next few weeks, I will be posting some of my other finds so stay tuned.


One thought on “Baby Sign Language

  1. he is too cute in that bag blanket! I’ll start brainstorming ideas and you can start the “mommy run business”

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