Flying with a baby

We have had a lot of firsts lately.  Last week we traveled with Callan for the first time.  We went to Alabama to show him off!  He met cousins, aunts, uncles, and great grandparents.  It was a nice trip and Callan proved to be a great traveler.  Our flight departed at 6am.  We chose such an early flight because the flight time was in line with his current sleep pattern.  This worked because he slept the entire way.  He ate during take off and landing.  On the way back it was just Callan and myself.  Bryan headed back to California before us due to work.  I was so nervous about flying alone with the baby, but it couldn’t have gone better.  He was either sleeping or flirting with the ladies next to us. 

These are some tips I have for flying with a baby.

-Feed during take off and landing.

-Use a carrier so you can have your hands.  I used our Boba carrier. 

-Only carry on what you need.

-Travel during sleep time.

-If traveling during the day, keep the baby up so he will nap on the plane.

-I preferred sitting in the front of the plane.  We tried both, but I found it easier to be in front.













Have you traveled with a baby?  If so, what tips do you have? 


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