Night Owl

I have never been one to stay up late. I would always go to bed around 9 and go to bed at 10.  I like to watch TV before bed.  Even in college I would go to bed early unless I was out doing stuff.  This caused me to miss some pretty cool stuff.  Someone in this house likes to stay up to midnight, sometimes even 1 AM!  That person is…..

His typical sleep schedule the past few weeks has been:

Wake up 10AM

Quick 30 minute nap around noon

3 hour nap at 3:30pm

Bedtime anywhere between 10:30-1AM.

Wake up for a quick snack between 3:30-5:00AM

Get in bed with Mommy around 6:30 for snuggle time (my favorite time of the day)

Right now this works for both of us because I will sleep in with him so I am not sleep deprived.  We will try to have a different schedule once I go back to work.  We are so happy he is a good sleeper.


Callan has been in two blogs this week.  Check them out!


One thought on “Night Owl

  1. Omg he’s already becoming a celeb on the interwebs 🙂 He has the cutest face ever. I was a night owl as a baby so me and Callan truly are kindred spirits.

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