Celebrities and Post Baby Bodies

I love me some celebrity gossip.  I am one of those that believes everything I read or hear about a celebrity, especially when it comes to which ones are gay…Will Smith, Jakey G, , John Travolta, Tom Cruise, just to name of few.  If you don’t believe me, Google it, if you still don’t believe it I will put you in touch with my friend who can make you a believer.  I also believe that Khloe might not be a Kardashian.  I know that one is a stretch, but it could be true!  Getting a subscription to US Weekly was a great day in our house. Bryan even enjoys reading it looking at the pictures.  There is one thing I no longer believe though.  10 weeks ago I thought differently.  I also thought I would be at my wedding weight by now.  That is that celebrity moms get their figures back by breast feeding alone.  I think they still spend hours with their personal trainer and I doubt many of them spend a lot of time with their baby, especially enough time to breast feed.  Here are recent pictures of Beyonce.  Her baby is 4 weeks old.


Thank you Jenna Fischer for keeping it real.  She recently said it is not true. 


   I guess if I had a tummy tuck, a nanny, a cook, and a personal trainer, I too could have lost all the weight and more in 4 weeks. As i was, I barely felt like walking around the block.  I have learned a valuable lesson…Not everything I read or hear about a celebrity in true



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