Lazy Day

Today was the laziest day Callan and I have had yet!  We are both a bit under the weather so have been taking it easy this week.  Bryan had a cold and Callan and I both have one this week.  It is so sad to hear him coughing  I knew he would get sick, but didn’t think it would happen so young.   We have been elevating him as much as possible.  He has been sleeping in his Nap Nanny.  I really do love this thing!  From their website:

  • Better than a bassinet, more effective than a wedge
  • A safe, stable, secure place for baby, asleep or awake
  • Increases comfort and improves infant’s sleep
  • Nap Nanny Chill features a new harness design for enhanced safety and snug fit, contoured bucket with higher sides, and a large base made from high-density foam, providing maximum stability.








He spent the day sleeping while I did some things around the house, including making this balsamic dressing.  It is so good!  I am trying to eat more vegetables and this makes me want a salad!   Now we are waiting on Bryan to get home so we can make dinner.  Tonight we are having fajitas!


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