Spring 2012 Fashion Trends

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Thursday night I went to an event at Nordstrom hosted by the Burlingame Mothers’ Club (BMC).  It was a seminar discussing fashion trends for Spring and how to wear them.  Basically you should have kept everything from middle school.  Do you remember Guess colored denim with the striped shirts?  Well, colored denim and stripes are huge for Spring.  Colored denim is one trend I am really excited about. I love red jeans.  The speaker also said if you are going to buy one item it should be a chambray shirt.  Again, I wish I had my clothes from middle school.















Some other trends are:

















Polka Dots:








What trends are you looking forward to this spring?  I am most excited about polka dots!


2 thoughts on “Spring 2012 Fashion Trends

  1. I love this post! You put me in the shopping mood! I already have a chambray shirt, and some lace and striped tops, but I’ll need some colored denim. I’m not too sure about polka dots for myself, but I like them on other people.

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