Thankful and Advice for new moms

Friday night was a wonderful night!  Bryan and I cooked dinner and he made me  Lactation cookies.  They are really good, even if you aren’t breast feeding.  We then ordered a movie from On Demand.  I got tired around 9m so decided to go to bed.  Callan is a night owl and stayed up with Daddy.  I didn’t wake up until around 4am when my boobs were hurting, but I dosed back off.  Bryan brought Callan in around 5:30 to be fed.  Bryan and Callan slept in the den. Bryan on the couch and Callan on the Nap Nanny.  7 straight hours of sleep was wonderful!  New moms really need to take advantage of sleep whenever they can. That is the best advice I have for a new mom.  Some other things I would tell a new mom are:

-Rest up and relax the last few weeks of pregnancy.  You will be glad you did once the baby came. Get your nails done, have your hair done, spend time with friends.  You don’t know when you will be able to do these luxuries again.

-Ask for help when you need it.  I am lucky to have a great husband to help out.  I do wish our families were closer, but we do have friends who can help out when needed.  Ask for help before you get overwhelmed.   This leads to my next bit of advice…

-Find a support system.  I did this by going to the Newborn group at Kaiser.  It is nice to hear from other new moms and get reassurance.

-Sleep, Eat, and Shower when you can.  Luckily Callan has been a good sleeper so for the most part I haven’t been a zombie on most days.  Have easy to fix food and plenty of snacks.  I make my breakfast the night before so I can eat when I first wake up.   I am happy to say I have showered every day, this is partly because Callan loves to lay in his crib and listen to music.

Don’t worry, the only time he sleeps on his belly is when I am next to him.

-Don’t stress about being perfect or following everything you read in books.  That will drive you crazy.  You need to do what works for you and your baby.  I didn’t read any books and we seem to be doing just fine.

Callan loves this mat.  There is music and lights.  His legs never stop moving!

-Don’t worry about having all the latest gadgets.  As long as you have clothes, diapers, feeding supplies, car seat, and place for baby to sleep you will be fine.

-Lastly and most important…enjoy the time.  I know everyone says this but it is so true.  They grow up so fast! I am having a hard time believing Callan is 2 months old!


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