Pillow Obsession

I have a small obsession with pillows for some reason.  We have about 10 on our couch, 8 on our bed, and I have 2 nursing pillows.

I originally chose My Brest Friend over the Boppy since it came highly recommended from a lot of friends.  I really liked it.  I didn’t have it for the first week and when it finally arrived in the mail I immediately saw why people like it so much.  Until it came I was using a regular pillow.  My Brest Friend is firm and buckles around you so you can put it as high as you want.  It immediately made the latch better because Callan was in a better position.  The one thing I did not like about it was that it is very wide and I though the buckle was messing up my rocking chair.  It is also a pain to put on in the middle of the night.  After I would change Callan,I had to lay him in the crib to put the pillow on before feeding him.

Last week I decided to also get the Boppy pillow.  I got this so I could keep the other in the nursery and this one in our bedroom.  It can also be used during tummy time and to prop babies up.  I really like this pillow and glad I got it.  It is easy to put on.  I can do it while holding Callan.  It isn’t as firm, but since we are both better at feeding I don’t think it matters as much.

If I had to pick one, it would be My Brest Friend.  I think they need to change the name though  🙂

Another pillow that has now gone it the closet is the Snoogle.  It is a life saver for those month that you can’t sleep on your back.  Honestly, I would still be using it if it didn’t take up so much space in the bed.  It is pricey, but you can find it on sale and totally worth it.

Now for picture of the day…..I saw a cute idea the other day.  Take a picture everyday for the first year and then make a book.  Callan365!


3 thoughts on “Pillow Obsession

  1. I have seen an art project that flashes pictures from everyday really fast, and it is really cool to see the progression! Little Callan will be a good subject for this!

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