7 Week Update

Wow!  I can’t believe Callan is already more than 7 weeks old!  This week he seems to be much more alert and expressive.  He has definitely become more vocal.  He was in his swing the other night and he was just laughing away while looking at the mobile. He likes to coo and every once in awhile he will say AH! and laugh.

His sleeping has also changed.  He isn’t sleeping as much during the day. He has also decided he hates his bassinet again.  I have been putting him in the crib some during the day, I am not ready to move him out of our room just yet.  I don’t think he will fit in the bassinet much longer and he can’t sleep in our bed every night.

Callan loves getting warm water poured over his head at bath time.

Bath time is one of Callan’s favorites.

Callan makes a funny grunting noise when we lay him in the bassinet and when he is starting to wake up. It typically takes about 30 minutes of stretching, farting, and grunting before he actually opens his eyes. To try and help the grunting, we elevated his head in the bassinet a little using some folded towels under the covering at the bottom of the bassinet. I also bought a wedge that goes under the sheet in the crib. Elevating his head helps with burping and gas and seems to help with the grunting, as we had hoped.

He is losing hair in places on his head. It has receded from his forehead and he has some bald patches on the back & sides of his head. Underneath the long darker hair he’s had since he was born is very light blonde hair. Who knows if all of his newborn hair will fall out or when his new hair will start to become more prevalent?

For now, we are enjoying getting out of the house a little more. Callan has enjoyed meeting new people over the past week -at our friends’ house and at dinner with friends at Village Host last night. While my boy is growing up everyday, there’s one thing everybody still agrees on – he’s the cutest baby boy ever!

Enjoy some more pics!



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