First Play Date

Yesterday Callan had his first play date, well it was more like a sleep date.  Both babies slept while the mothers caught up.  Shana came down to visit.  She had Isaac on December 19th.  It was fin to hear how things are going for her and to share newborn and delivery stories.

Callan looked like a giant next to Isaac,even though there is only 19 days between them.  Aren’t they cute?!?!  After a little bit of time in the house, we walked down to Draegers for a snack and coffee.   It was a very nice afternoon.

Today, Callan and I finally made it to the Mommy and Me class at Kaiser.  I have been wanting to go since the lactation nurse told me how helpful it was.  It was a group of about 8 moms and 9 babies ( 1 set of twins).  It was nice to hear concerns from other new moms and get advice.  The most common concern was feeding.  I have been lucky not to have major problems in that area.  I was also able to weigh Callan, 12 pounds exactly!  I am looking forward to making this class every week.

Do any Moms out there have any feedback on the Moby wrap?   I am trying to decide if I should keep it.


5 thoughts on “First Play Date

  1. I loved mine when my babies were tiny, but found it to be too bouncy once they got bigger. I stand by my Babyhawk mei tai. You can wear a newborn up to a 35lb toddler in it, and it’s very comfortable. You can easily put them on your back in it, too, which I never learned to do with Moby.

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