Bakery on Main

I am a huge fan of giveaways and free stuff!  Whenever one of the blogs I read has a giveaway I sign up.  My main use of twitter is to tweet the giveaway for an extra entry.  I have actually won a few!  In late November, I started following Bakery on Main for a chance to win a goodie bag.  I was a bit preoccupied at the time, but actually won!  I didn’t notice they had tweeted me until last week that I had won.  They were nice enough to still send me the goodie bag and I am so glad they did!

This is what I have left. I have been eating the truebars like crazy!

Bakery on Main is a natural food bakery in Glastonbury, Connecticut.  They have gluten free bars, granola, and oatmeal ( along with other items).  I received a sampling of the products.  While I am definitely not gluten free, these bars are so good!  My favorite so far is the Walnut Cappuccino Truebar.

Next week I am going to have the oatmeal.  It comes in all sorts of flavors, I am most excited about the Apple Pie oatmeal.  Yummy!

Make sure to check out Bakery on Main!


One thought on “Bakery on Main

  1. I need to start entering giveaways, looks like it pays off! Gosh I miss Callan so much! Yall too, but he’s my number one now 🙂

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