What I learned in the first month

So it has been a little over the month and we have learned a lot!  We have had a lot of help to get us where we are today.  What is that they say it takes a village to raise a kid? It has been nice to have both of our parents come to help out and Kristen gets here tonight.  I plan on making her change a few diapers. 🙂  Some of the major things we have learned are:

Diapers: You will go through a lot!  Sometimes you have to have a new one before the baby gets off the changing table.  And the stuff that is in the diapers, well that is a whole other story.  Who knew baby poop was projectile??

Feeding: I decided to breast feed.  I know everyone is shocked!  It is hard, don’t believe when people tell you it is not.  It takes about a month to get the hang of things.  Make sure to seek help with this one.  I went to a lactation nurse after a week.  She was able to give me some tips that helped immediately.  Something that is suppose to be natural is very difficult

Laundry: Wow!  We did about 5 loads the first weekend we were home  Part of this was because we didn’t realize how many receiving blankets we needed.  If we had more, we may not of had to do so much laundry.

Of course there is much m0re we have learned, but most of all we are having fun with Callan.  He is so sweet.  I could just sit and stare at him all day long.  Actually, some days I do. He makes the funniest faces!


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