Citrus is in Season

Saturday we went to the San Mateo Farmer’s Market.  Citrus is currently in season and we got our fair share.  My mom and I bought a 10 pound bag of oranges to share.  My mom got 5 pounds of Meyer lemons to take home with her.  She promised to make my dad a pie or two with them.   We also got some portabello mushrooms which we stuffed for dinner.  We also manged to find a few other things along the way as well.

While we were taking in all the fresh fruit and produce, Bryan and Callan had a great time walking around too.

We can’t believe that Callan is already 3 weeks old!  He looks completely different and already has so much personality.  Last night was our first rough night in regards to sleep, but who can be mad at this face.  🙂  For some reason he has decided he doesn’t like his bassinet.  Whenever we would lay him down in it, he would wake up immediately.


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