Welcome Callan Brooks Op’t Holt

Guest post! Special to Babyops, this is Daddy Ops, Bryan, saying, “Welcome, Callan”!

Jenny did a wonderful job having this baby. I am so proud of her accomplishment of bringing our sweet child into the world.

We came to the hospital last night at 11:30 and the nurses and midwife discovered her to be very far advanced in labor. It surprised everyone. She was doing so well that she postponed the epidural and other drugs for a while. After laboring for several hours, Jenny took some pain medicine, but never took the epidural. In my book, that counts as natural child birth! She started to push just after 7am and little Callan was born at 8:17am, weighing 7lbs 7oz at 20.5″ long – a very healthy and strong baby boy. Mommy held baby for the first 20 minutes while daddy cried like a baby just watching mommy and Callan bond and meet each other for the first time.

Plenty, plenty more to come from Jenny… maybe it’s time to change the tag line of this blog to something besides “my life being pregnant”.

Way to go, Jenny and baby Callan. You’ve been doing great!

Oh my! This is making me tired already.












"I don't need to try to control you. Look into these eyes and I'll own you".

8 thoughts on “Welcome Callan Brooks Op’t Holt

  1. Great post, daddy B! I am so excited for yalls new family. Callan is one cute and lucky baby to have you both as parents! The distance is killing me..congrats again and hug J and C for me!

  2. Congratulations, Jenny! Callan looks like he’s doing great. Very nice job on the guest post, Bryan. Love the picture captions.

  3. Great guest post Daddy B! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! So glad J did so great. I can’t wait to see the whole family. Callan is such a cute and lucky baby to have you two as parents!
    Great picture quality too, btw.

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