Trip to Oakland

Today I made a trip across the bay to Oakland.  I didn’t see any protesters, but I did have some yummy cake from Katrina Rozelle.

Bryan’s department had a shower for us today.  It was so thoughtful of them.  I enjoyed meeting his coworkers that I have heard so much about.

It was quite hard to get dressed.  I wanted to look nice since I may not have a chance to dress up any time soon.  I tried on every maternity dress I have, and the black wrap dress was the only one that still fits.

I was asked on the way out by two random ladies if I was having twins.   Seriously!  Why do people think that is an appropriate question?

The countdown is on….an final guesses to what this baby will be?   Boy or Girl?


4 thoughts on “Trip to Oakland

  1. Maybe they are asking if you are having twins because you looks so svelte but your belly is big so maybe it’s a compliment? Hehe! That cake looks yummy!

  2. We love the photos, we love all the love the two of you have for each other, all the supportive friends you have and the joy for being pregnant and welcoming a new life into the world. Ken thinks the baby will be born on Sunday 11/27 and his name will be Olaf Op’t Holt, Tim thinks delivery is Friday (duh), Linda thought 11/28 (that was back in the summer) but now she thinks IRON BOWL, ROLL TIDE and ESPN GAME DAY is suppose to be in AUBURN???, (his middle name might have to be AL), Cindy thinks that 12/4 may be baby day, unfortunately that may require the world’s longest pregnancy, (sorry), nevertheless WE LOVE YOU and are so looking forward to saying “Welcome to the world baby, we love you!!!!”

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