How I like to waste time

One of my favorite things to do is to lay in bed and watch TV.  I know this makes me sound very lazy but I don’t care.  Bryan and I have a pretty awesome couch that is perfect for laying around and catching up on what I have recorded.  I have been disappointed in shows so far this season, new and old.

Still good:

The Good Wife


Law and Order: Special Victims


When nothing else in on you can always count on reruns of Law and Order reruns.

Other shows I am still watching are:

Big Bang-love love this show and love that it is now on reruns

Rules of Engagement– Oliver Hudson is so much better than Kate Hudson

Two and a Half Men– not completely sold on Ashton, bit will give it a few more episodes.

Modern Family–  hilarious



How I met your Mother


If this show was only about Barney and Robin it would still be good, but Ted has become so pathetic and I find Lily so annoying.

Other shows that I have lost interest in but still watch because I have put so much time in them.

Desperate Housewives– why oh why do I still watch this???

90210– I know pathetic

Gossip Girl– XOXO

The best show on TV right now has to be Breaking Bad.  I might even go out on a limb and say it is on of the best shows ever.


What are your favorite shows right now?


2 thoughts on “How I like to waste time

  1. I can waste HOURS watching SVU! I’m agreeing about HIMYM. I think the reruns are better…I’ll have to try your recommendations!

  2. “The facts are these:” Pushing Daisies was an underrated show back when it was on the air. Damages is well worth a look. Both are on Netflix.

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