Oprah was right

It turns out that Oprah was right!  I was never a huge fan of Oprah until her last season.  I started recording all the shows and watching the ones that seemed interesting.  I really got into it towards the end when she was doing the most memorable moments.  Some were very moving and I would spend the entire hour crying my eyes out.  I like her message that no matter what you went through as a child, you can get over it and not let that become who you are now.  So many people end up feeling sorry for themselves for things that happened it the past.

Anyway, Oprah was right about Nordstrom being the BEST place to buy bras!  I have been wearing the same bras that I was before I was pregnant.  I didn’t realize how much I needed new ones until going into Nordstrom the other day for a nursing bra.  It changed my life!  I am so much more comfortable.  The bra experts and Nordstrom will get in the dressing room with you to  make sure you are getting the right fit.  The bras may be a little pricey, but so worth it!  More info from Oprah’s website on bras.


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