A trip to the pumpkin patch

Well, we have had an exciting 2 days in regards to baby.  Yesterday was our 36 week appointment.  I am happy to say that this baby has turned!  I think they baby is like me and wants to do things at his/her own pace.  It really put on a show during the ultrasound.  I wish I had asked for pictures because it was sitting there folding its hands like he was praying.  I also turned my state paperwork in to Kaiser so I get paid while I am out.

Picture after appointment:

Geez, I am getting big!  I still don’t think I am big enough that people should be asking if I am having twins.

Today we had our last baby class.  We learned all about breastfeeding.  There is definitely a lot to learn.  We will see how it goes.

Afterwards we treated ourselves to PF Changs.  While we were there,we noticed how puffy my fingers have become.


Only one person has asked when we were going to get married and I haven’t worn my ring in at least a month.  The one I can wear has always been too big.

We then went to the pumpkin patch.  Next year this will be more fun since we will have Peanut with us.  We ran into someone from the class.  She happens to live down the street, so we are going to start walking together.  She is due a month after me.

Tomorrow night we are going to paint my belly like a pumpkin!!!!


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