1 Month until D-Day

I have exactly one month until my due date!  This time has really gone by fast.  People always say that it will, but I never imagined it would go by this fast.  It feels like it was just last night that I found out I was pregnant.  Tomorrow, I have an my 36 week appointment.  They are going to do an ultrasound (yay!) to see if the baby has turned.  The stretch marks have appeared!  They popped up overnight.  One day there were none and there is a new one every day.  I feel like it is a right of passage.

I have tried these products so far:


I bought this after seeing an ad for it.  I like the way it feels, but I don’t think it is really doing anything yet.



Again, this really hasn’t done much and I don’t like it as much as the oil.

Next up to try is:


Mederma is pricey, but is suppose to be one of the best out there.


I would also like to try Clarins.  I have heard good things about this and have a coupon for Sephora.


Do you have any tried and true remedies for stretch marks?



8 thoughts on “1 Month until D-Day

  1. Palmers! Also don’t forget to do your butt. After Ansley my butt looked like a zebra…not any more! I also used it from the get go, but I have no stretch marks!

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