Newborn Care Class

Yesterday, we went to the newborn care class.  We learned what newborns actually look like, and it is not like the ones you see on TV.  It takes a while before they look like that.  They come out looking more like old men.  We also went over the basics of what is going to happen while we are in the hospital right after birth.  We then went on to the hands on part of the class.  During that part we learned how to bathe the baby, swaddle, dress, and diaper.

Bryan was a natural at swaddling.

I thought I was pretty good at the cloth diapers.  I never thought I would consider using cloth diapers, but now I think I might.  It was just as east as the disposable diapers.

Overall, a helpful class.  We will see how beneficial in about 6 weeks.  🙂  We have 2 classes left.  This week is the last of the childbirth class and in a few weeks we have breastfeeding.

Today I am 34 weeks!  Week 33 kicked my butt!  Stretch marks popped out of nowhere.  They really came up over night.  I have also been incredibly tired, so tired I fell asleep at work.  I had about 2 weeks of sleeping through the night, but a few nights ago that ended.  I don’t want to complain too much, because physically I still feel great.  I am trying to get some walking in everyday.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  Has anyone read or watched Happiest Baby on the Block?  Our instructor showed us a clip and I have heard great things about the book.


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