I love Ramen

I love ramen noodles.  I always have.  I used to eat a package everyday for breakfast.  I wish I still had that metabolism.

It wasn’t until we moved to the Bay area that I knew of Ramen restaurants.  I always thought it was just the 10 cent packages full of sodium.  San Mateo has a few ramen restaurants that are famous in the area.  My favorites are:

-The brand new Ramen Parlor

Ramen Dojo


Santa Ramen

Ramen Parlor has only been open a few weeks and is just 2 blocks from the house.  We finally tried it last night.  Boy was it good!  It is more of a seafood base than the other places which was nice.  It also has bacon bits in it.  What is not to love.  Another plus was being seated right away.  Usually at the ramen restaurants listed above, you have to wait.  The lines are out the door 30 minutes before the restaurants even open.

I had the Miso soup base and added corn.

Bryan went for the Soy base.

The single garlic shrimp was a nice touch.

I think P-Nut liked it too.  When we got home I tried to do kick counts, but he/she was sound asleep.

Tomorrow we are going to the newborn care class.  I am so excited!  My mom taught me how to swaddle when she was here.  I always thought that would be hard, but it seemed easy enough to do with a sweatshirt.  Hopefully it is as easy with a baby.

Have a good weekend!


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