32 Week Appointment

8 weeks to go!  Monday, I had my 32 week appointment.  I was lucky enough to get another ultrasound!  I think this was the 6th one I have had.  🙂  Usually, you only get 2.  I got one because when the midwife was feeling my belly it was really hard in one spot so she wanted to see if her prediction was correct.  It was, this baby of ours is stubborn like Daddy or lazy like Momma.  Babies have usually turned by now, but ours is sitting up.  This makes sense to me because I have to use the bathroom every five minutes.  I think this is because it is kicking my bladder.  The midwife gave me some tips on ways to get peanut to move on its own like elevate my pelvis above my belly and play music.  At my next appointment, if it hasn’t moved we will talk about other options.  Jamie says the one option of having Dr’s turn the baby is horrible.  Everything else is great.  Heartbeat is normal.  My belly size is normal.  My weight gain is normal.

Peanut must know I am talking about him.  His head just popped up.  I say he, but we still don’t know if it is a boy or a girl.  He is better than it though.   🙂


5 thoughts on “32 Week Appointment

  1. Do you use a chiropractor? There’s something called the Webster technique they can do to help the baby turn. It might be worth considering, especially since you have a few weeks left to work on it.

  2. Celia never turned and came into the world tushy first. Don’t fret. It can be done. Apparently, it was so interesting that it took 13 people to witness the event. A private moment between me, my husband, my doctor, a doctor assisting, various nurses and students…

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