I have been in Portland for the week.  We had a offsite strategy meeting.  I was super excited since this was my first business trip since I worked for the yellow pages.  It was  a great trip for work and pleasure.  We had plenty of time to explore.  By explore, I mean shop.  There is no sales tax in Portland so I stocked up on some beauty products.  My coworkers got some really cute shoes.  I am scared to buy shoes right now in case my feet change.  P-Nut enjoyed it’s first plane ride.  🙂

Wednesday, we had a team building event.  We all went to a cooking class.  It was so much fun!  We had steakhouse food which was great!

We were also staying at the same hotel as the USA Women’s Soccer team!   They were in town playing Canada.  We were able to get our pictures with some of the star players….

You may recognize Abby Wambach from her tv commercial….

We were also able to get our picture with Hope Solo, currently on Dancing with the Stars…..Max, her dancing partner was also their to cheer the team on.  I was on the elevator with him, but didn’t recognize him.

It was so cute to see all the young girls waiting outside the hotel for the team to come out.  It is nice that there are still some positive role models for young girls.

I just got home to a nice clean house thanks to my sweet hubby.


Have a great weekend!


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