Childbirth Classes

We had the second childbirth class last night.  I feel like these are more for the partners than they pregnant lady.  I have a feeling I will be too overwhelmed to remember anything they said.  I am glad Bryan is paying attention.  The first class we learned some different breathing techniques, squats, and massages.  Last night we learned about the different drug options, took a tour of the hospital, and learned about what was going to happen right after the birth.  It was fun to see the rooms and I was glad to hear I get my own room!  The men had homework from the week before.  They were told to bring 3 comfort items.  Bryan brought pictures, lotion, and my phone so I can play Angry Birds.   The next class we take is newborn care.


2 thoughts on “Childbirth Classes

  1. You love Angry Birds. I bet that via a combination of Angry Birds and a “Real Housewives” marathon, you’d be so distracted that you’d forget you were having a baby.

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