A few of my favorite things

I love buying makeup.  I think because of all  the pretty colors.  I tend to be lazy in the morning and just put on the basics.  These are my current favorites:



I think I have tried almost every brand of concealer.  For a long time, my favorite was Bobbi Brown.  I used this religiously until I kept reading about Laura Mercier in magazines.  I must say, I thought this was overrated.  I found that it looked cakey after a while.  My new favorite is Lancome. This goes on smooth and lasts all day.



I only wear foundation in the winter and on special occasions.  I like that Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation goes on smooth and the wide range of colors assures you will get the one that matches your skin perfectly.  This is sold exclusively at Sephora and the bottle will last forever since it doesn’t take much at all.


Blush and Mascara are 2 things I think it is OK to skip the department store brands and go with drugstore brands.  I don’t have a favorite mascara.  I am always looking for ones that will make my eyelashes look curled since they will not hold curl at all.  My go to blush is Covergirl Cheekers.  I try to stock up on both of these when there is a sale going on.


Clinique was the first non-drugstore makeup I ever had.  I strayed away from this brand for a long time.  A few years ago, I tried their mineral powder, Superbalanced Powder Makeup SPF 15.  I must say that I love it.


I always get Clinique when they have a free gift going on.  That way, I can try their other products and it saves me from ever having to buy lipstick and lip gloss. Well that and the lip gloss my mother in law mails me.  🙂  Speaking of lipstick, I don’t have a current favorite.  I am usually drawn by colors, not brand.  Another Clinique favorite is their bronzer.  They have nice colors for us pale girls.


I have tried every eyeliner known to man.  I am horrible at applying and cant get the lines even.  I found the easiest thing to do is get a dark brown or black eyeshadow with an eyeliner brush.  I have been using the same eyeshadow for years.


Urban Decay Naked is the best palette ever!  Look at the pretty colors and you will understand why.  Not only are the colors pretty and versatile, but go on true to color and stay in place. This is great for day and night.  This started as a limited edition, but due to over whelminng popularity, Urban Decay kept it on.


What are your favorite makeups?

Any that I must try? 


One thought on “A few of my favorite things

  1. I want to try that Urban Decay so bad! Thanks for sharing. My face saver is Clinique clarifying lotion and my favorite lipstick is Lancome 🙂 And Benefit tinted moisturizer is great for no foundation days.

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