End of the 2nd trimester

My third trimester is here.  I am really amazed at how time has flown by these past months.  The second trimester was how everyone described it- the honeymoon of the pregnancy.  After the first few weeks were over, I felt great.  I had my energy back and was no longer getting sick.  It also really sunk in that I was having a baby!  I was able to prepare some and get my mind in the right place.  I feel so blessed that I haven’t had any complications so far, everything is normal.  This is a good thing!  
I have been thinking a lot lately of what this little thing is going to look like, if it will look more like me or Bryan. Not only have I been thinking about the looks, but what traits of ours it will have.  There are so many things I hope it learns from both of us.  Most of all, I am curious as to if it is a boy or a girl……

To all my friends and family down South, stay safe and dry!


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