Waited 2 years……

As most people know, I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan!  I wanted to see the Fearless tour, but missed out.  Last December, Kristen, Emilee and I saw her in Nashville at a coffee shop.  It happened so fast we couldn’t get any pictures.  We really couldn’t believe it.  I had joked about seeing her and it happened!  It was also the day her and Jakey G’s fake relationship ended.  There are no pictures to prove the sighting happened, but here is a picture from our trip!

Well last night I went to the Speak Now concert in San Jose with Teanne.  It was AMAZING and well worth the wait.  I actually didnt think Taylor was going to sound as good live as she did.  She is a better singer than I thought she would be.  I love her songs because they are so dang easy to sing a long to.  She even sang my all time favorite T-Swift song. Our Song”.  That was back when she was really country.  She also sang my favorite from the Speak Now album.  The best performance of the night was “Back to December” and “Dear John”.  You could hear the passion in her voice when she sang “Dear John”,  I think she may still be holding a grudge against John Mayer.  I am really not sure what she was thinking dating him.  Overall it was a great concert, filled with great singing, dancing, acrobats, and fireworks.

Teanne and I before the show

Some people go to concerts to hear music, others to work on the laptops….For all you Taylor Haters out there, why you gotta be so mean?  I am off to enjoy the last day of my second trimester!



One thought on “Waited 2 years……

  1. Looks like sooo much fun! You are right, she is so easy to sing along to. I hope we can all go back to Nashvegas for a repeat of last year’s trip!

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