Finished a book!

This morning, I went to get my glucose test done.  The test takes over an hour because you have to drink a sugar filled drink and wait an hour before getting the blood drawn.  The drink wasn’t actually bad.  It tasted like a flat orange soda that was extra sweet.  I took advantage of this hour by talking to my Dad and finishing The Tribes of Palos Verdes.  I got to do this while sitting in the comfy lactation room.  The chair was super comfy and I was all alone!  I am so proud of myself for finally finishing a book!  It helped that the book was full of my favorite things to read about- drug addiction, mental health, and sex.

This book was a quick and easy read that I would recommend.  The last book I read was The American Wife.  It was also a juicy book, loosely based on Laura Bush’s life.  Sadly, it was also the longest book I have ever read, coming in at 576 pages.  Next, I am reading a book on negotiation.  After that, The Help.  I bought this one about 2 years ago.  Maybe, I will get around to seeing the movie before reading.  Getting a smart phone has not been good for my reading.  Instead of reading on the train, I spend my time busting bubbles or playing Word Feud.

What books do you recommend and what do you like in a book?


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