Progress Made

At 26 weeks, we made some good progress on the nursery.  Yesterday we spent the afternoon working on the nursery.

New blinds for the window.  Before we had old, faded vinyl blinds.  It is amazing what a difference the blinds make!

I am not sure who the better helper was….Me or Kudzu

We also ordered the nursery bedding.  We went for the birds!

Then we hung the wall stickers.

They turned out sooo cute .

On the pregnancy front, I am still feeling good but I think my weeks are numbered.  I have started getting more back pain and it is more difficult to sleep.  I was asked again today if I was 8 months.  When I said only 6 months, the man said I must be having twins.  Overall, I am loving being pregnant.  Even when I was sick, I knew it was just my body doing what it needed to for my little P-Nut.    Now off to eat a piece of peanut butter pie we made this weekend.  I found the recipe on a blog I follow and there is a touching story to go along with it.


8 thoughts on “Progress Made

  1. I think it’s rude for people to say you look big, esp. when its a man. Who made them the experts in saying someone looks big/small? Have they ever been pregnant?

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