Phones and Washing Machines

Phones and washing machines do not mix!  After we got home on Sunday, I decided to do some laundry.  I threw my phone in the hamper instead of my purse.  5 minutes later I realized the mistake.  Needless to say, my beloved phone was dead!  Bryan thinks I did this on purpose since I have been wanting a new phone.  Yesterday, I went to the Sprint store and luckily I had a credit for a new phone.  I chose the Evo.  I already love it because I am able to play Angry Birds!  My old phone couldn’t handle this app.  I think the Sprint store may be worse than the DMV in terms of waiting and service.

On the nursery bedding front, I started looking again and have a new favorite.  Bryan and I are both fans of birds.

Thanks for all the votes on the bedding.  After many comments, I think something with animals is the way to go.




4 thoughts on “Phones and Washing Machines

  1. This is a good one. For the record… I don’t think Jenny threw the phone in the laundry on purpose… but it was a nice coincidence that she had been hinting towards a new phone the week prior to the unfortunate incident.

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