24 weeks and counting

Today, I am 24 weeks pregnant.  I am feeling great.  I hear that will last for another month or so.  Tonight, we worked on our registry for a while.  We finall picked out a crib!   Friday, I had a Doctor’s appointment.  Everything looks good.  I am the size I should be, gaining the right amount of weight, and Peanut’s heartbeat sounds good.  The Dr.  signed the consent form for the swimming pool.  Now, I need to sign up for orientation.  We had a low key weekend.  Bryan went golfing yesterday and I got my hair did.  Today, we went to church and took a nap.  There was a potluck at church so I made club crackers wrapped with bacon.   It was a lazy weekend, I loved it.

This is the before picture, I forgot to take one after they were cooked.  They turned out yummy.

My first child…..she hates to be held.  I hope Peanuts likes it though 🙂

I think I grew a lot in the last week.  I can tell because I was actually offered seats on the bus!!


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