Exercising While with Child

Last night, I attended a pre-natal toning class that Kaiser offers.  It was the instructor and 4 pregnant ladies.  The nice thing about these classes is they aren’t very full and you get to hear other stories.  We exercised for an hour.  We used resistance bands and our bodies to do various exercises that are safe while pregnant.  Exercising while pregnant is suppose to make the birth easier, if that is possible.  I learned it is important to do squats to make your lower body more powerful which will help in labor.  After exercising, we did a brief Q/A session and went over what we can and can’t do.    Today, I found out that I can use the therapy pool at the hospital down the street from us.  They offer water aerobics and free swim.  All I need to do is get my Doctor to approve and go on a tour.  Easy enough!  Once I do that, I can float all day long. From what I have heard and seen, the pool is great!

The next class is the child birthing class.


4 thoughts on “Exercising While with Child

  1. I used to go to that pool twice a week when I was pregnant for a prenatal water aerobics class. It was awesome, esp. when I got really BIG

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